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Channeling Third Eye and Hedge: breakfast in the woods with some pre smoked fatty, diced potato, peppers, onion...add eggs, serve on tortillas and top with some shredded cheese and some home made salsa. MAN that's good eats! This is one of the staples when we go camping with Scouts. Usually bring along a discada to do this in large volumes. :D

If you have the time and inclination, you can create a pit for smoking. Takes a little planning and a little work, but it can work quite well. We dig a hole ~2 by 3 wide and one section 2 foot deep and the other section a bit deeper. Insert several bars of rebar across shallow end to serve as racks for meat. Near the deeper end and just outside of the main pit, use post hole digger to create a tube. Punch through the main opening into the tube at the bottom of the pit, around a 4 inch opening to get air to the fire. Line the deep end with lit coals and add wood chunks. Now, you've got a pit!

Place meat into pans that go on the rebar rack. Cover the main opening with a piece of plywood and let cook for a couple hours...check the coals periodically to see if more heat is needed or more wood chunks are needed. When the meat is done, slice and serve on some crusty rolls topped with caramelized onions and gruyere with the au jus....YUMMY!

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