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Just A quick note, my two cents. I have worked in the food business for nearly ten years and some of the worst health code violations have been in some of NY's best restaurants. It doesn't take much to make people sick. A true story I tell all the time; My wife works for a large (one of the biggest) ad agencies in the country. The head of her NY office (real big wig who we have known for 9 years) had a 32 year old son (a lawyer) with a severe peanut allergy. He was going to dinner with friends a few years ago, he called ahead re: his allergy. He notified the staff, waiter, etc on arrival/ordering. He was assured everything was taken care of. He finished dinner, didn't feel well, got in a cab to go home. He died in the taxi from cross contamination. I have seen the same thing happen to my customers (probably 3 ambulances), whether it was a waiter or a line cook it doesn't matter, period, you are responsible.
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