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good luck on the job! And congrats. But i'll just voice some concerns for you.

How much control do you have over the operation vs how much control do you want of the operation?

Do the owners have any idea about the BBQ business? Restaurant business?

Are you doing this as a full time gig, or a consulting/getting them up and running type of thing?

tips....As an owner.
Show up on time.
Do exactly what is asked of you. now, this is a double edged sword, you can always go above and beyond, but the places recipes and techniques need to be respected. If you're not the sole pitmaster, consistency is paramount.
Help clean up, not just your station, the entire restaurant. I have a "not allowed to walk past a piece of garbage" policy at my place. It doesn't matter if you're the chef, sous chef or the dishwasher, if somethings on the floor, pick it up.

commercial kitchen tips
always carry a rag, things get hot, rags are good pot holders
when traversing a kitchen the correct way to do so is behind working people, clearly announcing behind. If carrying a hot or sharp object, a customary HOT BEHIND, or SHARP BEHIND is used.
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