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Default Beef Tongue Anyone?

Was at a Sam's Club in Holland, MI yesterday and found myself looking at what I at first thought was a small whole beef tenderloin and it turned out to be a 3# beef tongue! The gal behind the meat counter asked if I liked tongue! Not quite sure how I should answer I decided disgression was the better option and replied that I had never tried Beef tongue. She proceeded to inform me that all you had to do was toss it in a crock pot, cover it with water and add a few cloves of garlic then let it cook on slow for 10-12 hours. She said it would be the tastiest, most tender meat I ever ate. Again I went with disgression. She said after you take it out of the crock pot you just peel away the fat and gross looiking stuff then slice across the grain. She said it was great for burrito's and taco's. Evidently it is a Latino staple along with cheeke(sp?) cow's head cooked in hole in the ground. I asked her if she ever smoked a beef tongue to which she replied no but I figure if you make it tender and tastey in a crock pot you ought to be able to achieve better results by smoking it so I bought two. Any of you out there ever try smoking a beef tongue?
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