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Originally Posted by Randy3269 View Post
The diameter of the caster will be more significant than the capacity. A larger caster of the same capacity will roll much easier and won't tend to get stuck on every little pebble. Don't mean to overstate the obvious. It will be much more important when trying to move sinks with water or fryers with warm oil.

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I was being cheap and I KNOW you and the other guy are correct. I am going to trade in my second set of undersized wheels and get much bigger ones... Like a 5.... still like the rubber though. There were several problems... one was, you're right.... cracks and pebbles suck..... the other was... they were hard to lock.

Bigger ones go on the Three Bay sink roller cart.... should be through in a few days.

If I like them, I will cut off these wheel and reweld new ones on.

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