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Default Succesful Cook today

I wish I had pics but in the heat of the battle I just was trying to manage my timing. Thankfully I cooked the 6 Butts yesterday, otherwise my hands would have really been full. I spached 4 birds this morning, seasoned, oiled, and on the pit at 275 going to 325 at the end. I think the hard part was the timing as I had to be at the Hospital to deliver at 11:30 sharp. I pulled the birds at 11:15 and had put the pork in for an hour to warm up too, Used a little seasoning and apple juice and tossed. I swear its better than yesterdays. Anyhow the Nurses in the NICU depts. loved it. I felt bad because my wife had to work so I thought I would give something for our hard working nurses.

A FWIW, I was getting a little behind on time so I fed the pit a little more KBB and opened the valve wide open, hit 325 real quick. I forgot to shut it down and headed off to the Hospital, when I arrived back home it was cruising at 450. Should have made Pizza's. 4 hours later and its still at 340, and it pretty much shut down.

I feel blessed that our family's fought for our independence as I do not think BBQ is the same across the pond
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