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Default how manyt of you drive your woman crazy

My wife definitely goes crazy about the smoked food that I make. Im using an el cheapo Masterbuilt propane/charcoal smoker. I know, I need to get a real smoker but I bought this when I didnt know Jack about smoking and am getting decent results.

But the thing that drives my wife crazy is the purchasing of and desire to purchase bbq stuff, prep time, cook time and mess I make when I smoke.

I cant help myself. Im the kind of guy that gets into something and gets obsessed. Like the time I started roasting my own coffee. Still do by the way.

Im constantly trying to figure out how to improve my cooks. What tools I need or just plain ole want to have.( Step one is a better smoker for sure). i obsess over my cook temperature and the quality of the smoke. Was the rub better the first time or the last? How tender was the meat? Did it have enough of a smoke ring? Was charcoal better with the wood chunks or with gas and the wood chunks? Which charcoal is better? IS lump better than briquettes? Which wood was better? Oak? Cherry? Hickory? (i prefer Cherry).

Anyway I love smoking meats. I love the tinkering with the fire and smoke. I love eating delicious smoked meats. I love serving delicious smoked meats. And I, especially, love this site for giving me a clue how to do it.

Happy 4th everyone
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