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Originally Posted by Smokebloke View Post
you guys are really making me want that WSM 22.5! I'm just not sure if i will be able to tend to it. i mean i am a complete noob when it comes to smoking… i do like to do things the right way first time around, so I'm worried if i do go with a gas and never learn to burn the sticks then ill be lacking in my skills down the line. i am super glad i found this forum though and registered.. i can tell i will learn a lot!
Just get it! There's nothing that the Brethren can't talk you through. The WSM makes it easy. I wasted way too much time worrying about getting it right when I should have been cooking! All the info you'll ever need is here. There are a ton of videos on YouTube as well.

Just follow Ron's advice here...

And use the Roadmap to read up a bit on what you're cooking...*

Get a Maverick 733 and start cooking! Ive got less than 10 cooks experience on my WSM and on my last few, my tools of choice were The WSM, my Lazyboy, a 6 pack, my iPad opened to this forum and my Maverick remote!
WSM 22.5, Weber 22.5 OTG, Mini WSM (SJG), Chargriller Duo w\SFB, Maverick ET-733
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