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Default Smoker Opinions and Options

I am trying to get into smoking. I had a brinkmann smoker many years ago. I never really had a good understanding of using it and which woods to use. needless to say we didn't use it much and it is long gone.

Fast forward to today and I want to try again. I want to use an electric smoker, but I really hate to drop $500+ on a Smokin-it #3 if this is not going to be something I am going to use semi-often. I like the looks, function, size of the #3. I was all set for the #2, but saw a video and it seemed VERY small.

I was looking at a Bradley, but you don't get a smoke ring. Then I saw the Masterbuilt smoker, but the reviews were really bad. Now I am just trying to figure out what to buy.

Then there is the PID option. I would like to build my own in the future out of a raspberryPi, but that is a thread for another day.

Any advice would be great.
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