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Originally Posted by Q Junkie View Post
One of the worst BBQ mistakes I ever made was to inject a Tri-Tip.
Now that may have been because I did not inject it with the right stuff but I swore that I would never again inject a Tri-Tip with anything. It completely changed the flavor of what I love about Tri-Tip. I also cooked it like I would every other time to med rare. I prefer beef rare and brisket does not exactly shine when cooked to med rare. I applaud your courage to cook a perfectly good TT to 170* then wrap in foil But I would not be able to do that.
Perhaps if I tasted it, I would change my tune.
BTW, I have tried to cook brisket to med rare. Tastes fine but not fun to eat.
Dont inject grilled tri tip, inject trisket.

The flavor between grilled tri tip and "trisket" is completely different. Note how hot I had to take it to get tender as well. a 150 degree tri tip is like eating a shoe. a 210+ tri tip was moist/tender/ridicuous
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