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Originally Posted by Demosthenes9 View Post
I'm not sure that I would agree with that. Slept too much in Physics class, so I don't know the exact terminology, but I'd think that there is a difference in the type of heating.

Here's my basic thought. Take a 2 inch thick ribeye and stick it in a smoker at 225 well away from the heat source and take it up to 130. You'll end up with a nice roasted piece of Prime Rib.

Take the exact same 2 inch thick ribeye and put it over a direct heat source and you'll have a ribeye steak with a taste and texture that's much different than the Prime Rib.
OK, I did not express myself very well. I was assuming that everyone understood we were talking about old style bbq pits. The meat would typically be at least 24 inches from heat source, and heat source would not be a grilling fire. Did not mean to imply that a bed of coals close enough to produce sear and grilling was involved.
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