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I use eye of round, cut with or against grain (different texture, but I like both), then add 1% of the weight of the meat in salt, 1% in ground black pepper, 1% in sugar, and some habanero or spices. Put it all in a covered pan for a day, turning once or twice, in the fridge. Then leave the pan open in the fridge for a day, turning once or twice, until there is no juice or water left--just a pellicle. Then into the smoker at the lowest possible temp (say 150F) for an afternoon--with the meat spread out over the rack. Let the fire die down and check--if it needs more drying I finish in the oven, or the car on a hot day. No cures ever.

In summer, sometimes I skip the smoke and just dry it in the sun + wind. Works fine for me (maybe not for our friends in Portland or New York).
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