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Default Torch good, but....

Been awhile, but this post reached out for me.

I kettle Q with mesquite chunk charcoal. A propane torch is a must. But to actually get it completely ready, you need compressed air. By judiciously applying air to the mesquite, flames develop, and the heat is spread to adjoining chunks. While a dragon may impress, the ensuing "volcano" just may concern your neighbors a bit. You will have the roar and the large shower of sparks like a volcano. And a hot bed to begin grilling, to boot. Done at night, there will be no mistaking what you are up to, provided your neighbors know you are into real BBQ, and not just some nutsy neighbor working his volcano nursery.
Eye and face protection a must. For that matter, covering the body is a good idea, too. And don't forget to water the lawn...buildings...and neighboring stands of trees. Don't try this in the wind unless you are on Mars. Enjoy the "Q" show. Safely.


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