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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by kajunatwork View Post
I like that avatar FWI. Nice.
Thanks. It's just Keith

Originally Posted by kajunatwork View Post
Thanks for the link to FWI's thread. I see that the pot he used was a Concord is the brand and the measurements were 17.5" bottom and a 18.5" top. So from that I will assume that if 17.5 inches was perfect for the bottom then the one that I found that was 18" diameter will not fit. Am I correct there FWI?


Yes sir you are correct. The bottom of the Concord fits perfect. The top is a tad small for the jumbo lid but it's way workable. I put some stove gasket in the lids lip but i imagine one could put it around the pots lip also. Either way it's better the lid be a hair large then too small.

Originally when i asked the seller for the measurements they were off by 1/2" on the top.
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