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Without opening the door, how do you tell when it's time to put in more fuel? Just when temp starts dropping? Do you swap out the charcoal with new coal from the chimney or put new coal on the embers?

Originally Posted by DaveAlvarado View Post
Kingsford Comp is top-notch charcoal.

Temp control is easy

1. More air = more heat.
2. More fuel = more heat.
3. Closer distance = more heat.

Closing dampers chokes the fire, so it doesn't burn so hot. Downside is you can end up with "dirty" combustion which leads to creosote and bitter food, so don't choke it down too much. If you don't see smoke, you've got a clean burning fire.

Generally you want to get the right amount of fuel the right distance from what you're cooking, and leave the air vents wide open for grilling. Charcoal burns hottest shortly after you light it, then it cools down gradually.
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