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Hi guys.

I'm back and so is the pot. It's been almost four years since my last post. Not much has happened since then. Kids have grown and the kamado is still in frequent use.

I bought a table/cart for it a year ago, or was it two years. Anyway, I assembled it a few weeks ago and had to modify it a bit so the kamado would fit in it. Made it a bit longer and tougher.

As you can see I never could figure out what to do with the hinge kit. I knew it would rust again if I did nothing to it. But also knew I couldn't paint it because of the moving parts. Well after four years of searching I finally found a promising product: Rust converter from CRC. It says on the label "converts frail rust to solid metal". I just had try this.

I took a small brush and painted it on the hinge kit. Two layers. Removing only the loosest flakes of rust before applying. And I must say the end result looks pretty darn good. I'll just have to wait and see if it keeps the rust away for good.

Also been thinking about getting a gasket for this kamado. Not sure if it needs one though. It's never had one originally. What do you think? Is the gasket for insulation or just cushioning the impact of closing the lid too hard?

ps. in case you're wondering what's on the grill, well that's some genuine Tapola blood sausage
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