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Good morning brethren. I posted some pics of the pulled pork I cooked for our youth fundraiser. You can read that thread to see how it went. I wanted to post some of the things I learned from this fundraiser and see if any of you have had similar experiences.

*Procrastination will come back and bite you- One of the main issues that popped up and bit us in the rear end was the guy cooking the chicken used a new grill for the first time without ever cooking on it before. He'd had the grill for several weeks but hadn't used it. The morning of the fundraiser is a bad time to realize you've yet to "learn" how this unit cooks and end up burning a lot of the chicken on the outside and leaving the middle not completely cooked.

*Too many roosters in the hen house-About half way through the luncheon we ran out of buns but still had a ton of pulled pork left. I wondered how in the world that could have happened because I told and physically showed the two serving what a 4 oz serving looked like. Well, well, well. They took it upon themselves to make an executive decision that 4 oz would be too much and we'd run out of meat. So they decided to start shorting the servings by about an ounce or two so the buns ran out loooong before the meat. So we had to get someone to rush up to the store and buy more. Then that night (when vacation Bible school started) we started getting some feedback from the cook. A lot of people weren't very happy with getting a 2 oz serving of pulled pork on their sandwich and I don't blame them. Most people over paid for the bbq plate anyway (to help out the youth) so to get their plates and be severely shorted on food doesn't sit well.

Overall the fundraiser was a success. The youth raised a lot of money but I sure did learn a lot of things that next time we will do different. Thanks for the help!
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