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My answers to your questions below...

Originally Posted by bacchus99 View Post
I've been backyard bbq'ing for awhile now and have been somewhat interested in competing. I know NOTHING about it. Where would one start? A few questions.

1. Take me thru a standard competition weekend. How much prep outside of the weekend is needed?

My week starts on Tuesday evening when I prep my rubs, sauces, injections, etc. On Wednesday evening I prep all meats. On Thursday evening I load the trailer and restock any consumables. We pull out for the comp on Fridxay morning.

2. Is it family oriented? Are people bringing their kids and are they running around all over?

Yes, it is family oriented, but not everyone had their family there, so some teams may tend to be a bit more "adult". Most folks keep their kids in line, but kids will be kids.

3. Are they usually one day or held over a full weekend?

Around here most are Friday-Saturday, with turn ins on Saturday. There are a few Saturday-Sunday comps.

4. How often do most folks compete? Every weekend or a few times a year?

Yes. We do 9-10 a season.

5. How costly is it? Are meats provided as part of entry fees?

This depends on what type of meat, the entry fees and the distance. We average around $600 per competition.

6. A lot of travel involved?

Up to you. We try to stay within about 3 hours of home.

7. Any drama?

Of course. There is always drama when lots of people are involved.

8. Can/Do you drink frosty beverages while competing?

Yep, but remember why you are there. If you just want to party there are cheaper ways to do it

I have raced off-road RC cars for a few years but now that I have a son its hard to get to the track. I really enjoyed the competition aspect of racing and the comradery at the track. I guess I'm curious if I'd enjoy competing in BBQ comps. Any advice would be great!

The camaraderie is the best part. We have great friends who we see only at competitions, and everyone is willing to help each other.
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