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Default Brethren In Need

Hello fellow Brethren

My step son just graduated High School and he BADLY wants to build a mini UDS. So I bought him everything he needed except a lid. The barrel we got I am robbing the top 1/3 of it for a addon for my barrel.

Here is where the in need part comes in. I have looked high and low and in between for a weber lid and have struck out at every turn. Including Craigs List. I called Weber and they will not sell me a lid unless I have a grill registered with them.

So if anyone has an old one or a stock pile for a just because purpose, I could surely use one for him. I would be willing to send $$ up front or however one needed to work it out. This was really my last hope. I even hate typing this now. Y'all have given me so much in the past in the form of reading material and wisdom that I just hate to ask for more.

If anyone has a line on one or one they would part with, please PM me. My boy would love y'all to pieces!!! He is hooked on this whole smoking thing and can't wait to impress his little lady friend with some Que cooked on his own smoker. I guess cooking on dad's just isn't good enough to impress her

If not, I appreciate your reading this. Take care everyone!


P.S. Mods, if I have placed this in the wrong section, please do put me in time out and give me a virtual brethren slap!
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