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I have been thinking about jumping into catering in the future so sometimes I read this forum and I have no experience but let me tell you one thing I have learned in life is don't ever cut corners you will pay for it if you do just my 2 cents. No sense taking risks you don't have to. Take the above advice and get in contact with the local health dept. I am sure if you explain the situation and what you want to do they can guide you. If you don't want to do that then thank the business for their inquiry and maybe refer them to a good bbq caterer if you know one that can handle the event and do it legally. It will ruin your reputation if you want to do this in the future and you get shut down. No one will hire a caterer that has been shut down. I know I would never hire a caterer that was shut down. My opinion so do with it what you will.
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