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Default SoCal Meat Deals

With meat prices out of control, we may need to think outside the cow. I caught a couple of deals this week, some SoCal homies might not have seen them yet. I thought they might appeal to some of us.

99 Ranch markets have Live Maine Lobsters @ $4.99 lb this weekend. This is the lowest I've seen for quite a while in our area. Sometimes they only have 2 or 3 pounders or above, I have not been in to check, so I don't know. This might be my only chance to be able to afford them this year.

If I recall correctly, at this time of year the Lobbies are still plump hardshells, before the summer molt. Perhaps some of our Northeastern Brethren are familiar with current crustacean conditions and can confirm or deny my supposition.

Also, Pork Bellies are on sale for $2.99 lb @99 Ranch.

Also, Stater Brothers Markets in their weekly ad has Smithfield Spiral Sliced Hams for $.99 lb , "While Supplies Last". I rarely buy spiral sliced Hams, but when I got these last time, they were damn fine city hams. Worth it.

Hope this can help some. Dave

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