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good luck

next time get the cooker all ready the night before......including your pan, grate, charcoal and chunks. have the rub ready too. then all you have to do to get the wsm going in the am put a few hot coals on top of the unlit and chunks.

really helps. easy peasy in the AM.

ok. now you get up ...and take the brisky out of the fridge. Go out and start a few coals in your chimney. Go back in the house and rub that brisky down.

go back out and put the hot coals on , and then
lift the body........with pan and grate all set..........and put it back on top of the base. put on the lid. set your vents ( with top full open ) and wait for your blue.

Oh............I stick a 7 inch candy thermometer in the top vent.
Better read than the dome.
It's just a few inches above the grate ........and actual grate temp is probably 15 degrees or minus........ lower than the candy.
The candy thermometer gives me a good sense of what's going on. And is confirmation that my maverick is operating ok.
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