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Default First smoke with WSM: Memorial Day '14

Got the WSM last week, and did a burn-in on Saturday.

Got up at 5:30 and got a half-chimney of KBB going. Got the WSM base set up: no top/bottom coffee can in the middle, KBB all around, 3 chunks of pecan (one of which will get lit right away). While that was going on, trimmed up the 14.5 lb brisket, made up a rub (SPOG) and rubbed it on down.

Set up the cooking chamber and topped it with the lid.

Carried the big ol' brisket out there at 6:30 and set it on the grate of my kettle. Took off WSM lid, grabbed the brisket to put it on. Crap! Forgot to put on the grate! Crap! Forgot to put in the water pan! Scramble to foil the pan real quick, scramble to find ceramic saucer and foil it. Place the pan down into the chamber. Cough, cough, cough, lots of smoke in my face! Pan falls down onto the charcoal. Crap! Grab pan to lift it up, get it into position correctly. Cough, cough, blister up tip of one of my fingers. Get the top rack put on, put on the briskie, lid on. Ahhh.....

Smoke ran dirty for a little bit but not too long, then turned into a nice thin blue. Dome thermo is settling in at about 275, so going on the assumption it reads about 20 degress higher than grate temp, that seems about right. Not running the new Maverick 733 today because, well, I forgot to get it set up.

More to come, going to put the ribs on at about 1:30 or so in the afternoon.
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