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Default I ODed on Brisket today (Foggy Bottom BBQ and Smokin' D's BBQ)

One the way back home from vacationing in Florida we made 2 bbq stops today. One was planned and the other was a find.

First the find, Smokin' D's BBQ in St. Augustine FL. We just drove by, and stopped because the place looked like they knew what they were doing. I love the attitude of this place. They apparently run out of meat most days by intention so that they don't waste meat or have to serve leftovers the next day. They say if they are out of what you wanted, you should have gotten there earlier! Of interest is that they serve chicken with white sauce, which I've never seen outside of Alabama. I had a brisket sandwich. It was excellent! It had a heavy black bark and a prominent smoke ring and was served with no sauce (it didn't need it) on Texas toast. I'd get this again in a heartbeat! The next trip by there will be planned.

Then we headed toward home and took a detour to Foggy Bottom BBQ in Loganville GA. I had the Foggy Bottom Signature sandwich, which is a brisket sandwich on Texas toast with pimento cheese! This brisket was very tender and juicy. It was truly competition style brisket. I would seriously put this in my box and turn it in! The other meats looked equally amazing and demand a return trip in the near future.

So today was brisket overload day with 2 very different but very good brisket sandwiches! Now I feel the need to cook one. Maybe this weekend!
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