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Default Please accept this Official Entry into the "Kettle Cook Off" TD.

This is my entry called "Yak pizza on my orange kettle".

I originally wanted to cook two old laying hens in the kettle for this TD but when they were ready to go I didn't have the time to do an outdoor cook or take photos. Then Buccaneer called a Yak pizza TD and I thought, "Two birds with one stone". I haven't cooked on this kettle since before I joined the brethren. Nothing like jumping back into the fire for a TD!

I made the sauce yesterday. It's Chef Mario Batali's recipe for Fruit Mostarda from 'The Chew'. I had every intention of cutting the amount of sugar in half but Carol said that Daphne Oz said it wasn't sweet. A cup and a half of sugar seems very sweet to me, but okay, I'll try it the first time. I used dried strawberries, cranberries, apricots, raw sugar and Pinot Noir.

My plan for the pizza was a GF crust, Fruit Mostarda for the sauce, fresh fennel pieces, Mennonite smoked summer sausage and Camembert cheese. I tried the moustarda, fennel and Camembert with and without the summer sausage and found the meat really livened up the mostarda. Eaten together the mostarda sparkled against the smoked sausage.

I made a GF dough for pizza. I've documented it twice in TDs and given the recipe so I'll pass on posting it in this thread. If anyone wants the recipe PM me and I'll give it to you.

Below is the set up for the kettle. Because it was a pizza for high temperature I put all of the charcoal in the middle. I like to use a ripped in half/doubled paper towel roll in the centre of my charcoal chimney, I like the way it gets the coal at the top of the chimney going faster. Rolled up boxboard and thin cardboard work well, too, just make sure there is a tunnel to take flames to the top.

Dough after a 20 minute rest. It spreads like frosting but it's trickier and stickier. In order to be able to put sauce and toppings on it has to prebake 10 minutes.

Please use the photo below for voting.

It tasted pretty good but because of the amount of sugar we didn't want to eat more than one piece. I think it would be a good appetizer with friends, especially if you're drinking wine, but I recommend you cut the amount of sugar to of a cup or less. Cutting the sugar would also create a looser consistency which would be better for this application.

Thanks for looking.
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