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I have slowly (over two years) went through the painful steps to start a genuine bbq catering business. I have absorbed a plethora of knowledge from this site. I appreciate all responses to all the questions I pose here (some way more silly than others/ in retrospect). I have gone through the pains of acquiring a business license(LLC), reserved the use of a commercial kitchen, located affordable insurance, so on and so on. I would not have been able to push forward without the vast knowledge I have acquired here. I appreciate all of it. I appreciate all the time and effort some who put into their responses. I also appreciate some of the "devils advocate" answers i get. It is good to get the "do you know what you are getting yourself into responses", just as much as the "you go guy" responses. I understand what you are saying. I have put two years into building up enough resources, capital, and experience to begin stepping into the arena. However, I dont think it conducive to discourage anyone from posting here. A lot of the posts are redundant. However, it is good to get new eyes on certain topics from time to time.
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