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Originally Posted by early mornin' smokin' View Post
poobah, i've been there for one of your charity cooks. And the brethren do great things. It's just when I see a post that goes like "...ive been cooking meals at home to order for some time now, and i'm going to take my go at a roadside stand this weekend." As a guy who's put in months of labor, thousands of dollars to do it right. A post like that is blood boiling.

Trust me, if I could've circumnavigated the DOH, Servsafe, building and fire inspections, I would've. But the truth is, you can't without trying to get yourself shut down.

I guess it comes down to using the search function this great forum has before starting another......"how many, what if" post. There's countless threads about quantities, starting a business, catering, etc. If people looked a little before asking a lot of this frustration could be squelched.

mods, delete the thread if necessary, sorry if feathers have been ruffled. It's a free world, read it if you want, answer if you dare.
I understand your points, but I think you may have missed an important point in Phil's response...

Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
But anyway, from the perspective of THIS forum and its intent.. Notice the title..

Catering, Vending, and cooking for the masses..

This forum is to educate folks.. period.. no other reason. We dont pick and choose who asks, what they ask and the reason why they ask. Some may be coming to get answers which may help them DECIDE if they want to open a business. No one goes into it cold, and the folks here are the ones who may help someone make an informed decisions.. The answer he gets here may make him realize what they are getting into, be it opening a business or cooking for a 200 person party.. just maybe our answers would enlighten them to say... 'no way, i cant handle that'... Dont have capicity?? refrigeration isnt available, etc.. we educate.. they decide, or act.. Even our experts here at times will tap others here to help on a job, to get ideas, or get advice. we cant decide whos legit and whos not when they post.. its not in our pay grade.
Your experience is exactly what these folks need. Educate them and help them understand what they are getting into and what it takes to do it right. They can learn from your experience.

As far as using the search function, that is a common complaint of every forum I have ever visited. And it will never change. As pointed out, if everyone searched, our traffic would drop considerably. But, to me, worse than that, we'd end up being BBQ-pedia instead of The BBQ Brethren. Yes, folks could look up the answer, but here they get more than the answer (sometimes way too much more ). They get advice and help and, best of all, the make some friends.

Oh yeah... About this...

Originally Posted by early mornin' smokin' View Post

mods, delete the thread if necessary, sorry if feathers have been ruffled. It's a free world, read it if you want, answer if you dare.
If we deleted posts just because of a little feather-rustling, half of the forum would be gone
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