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Originally Posted by poorolddan View Post
A fair price for just rubbing and cooking (no processing and picked up) 32 butts should be between $1,000 and $1,200. Will your cooker handle 32 butts in 1 cook? If it will I'd ask $1,000. If it will take 2 cooks then $1,200. If more than 2 cooks you shouldn't be trying this.
I can do it in 1 cook with some room to spare. I think I've done 44 at once on my smoker. Thanks.

Originally Posted by TailGateJoecom View Post
Yeah, how do you know he stored it properly before giving it to you? Not a lot of homes have refrigeration for 32 butts. How do you know how old they are? If people get sick, whose fault is it?

Sometimes people request me for gigs where I just bring my grill and cook their food, and at tailgates sometimes some guests with dietary issues bring their own food and ask me to cook it. I decline and explain my reasons why. Besides, my fee for this would be way too high, lol.
He is a chef and has over scheduled/promised himself, I'm going to trust that he is taking proper care of the meat.
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