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Default First brisket point cook

Hey all,

I got a few pictures from my yesterdays Cook on my UDS.
I got a nice peace of beef, Black Angus, originated from US.
It's not very often I can get some beef from US here in Denmark, so when I find some I always get more than one piece .

I think this cut of beef is a brisket point, but I'm not sure.
The label on the package got changed to some Danish label, and because they don't have the same cuts of meat here in Denmark as in US, it can be tricky sometimes to identify the meat 100%.

But anyway - I cooked it like I would have done a brisket.
Had a steady temp of 225-235 all the time during the Cook.
Gave the meat a nice homemade rub and let it absorb the rub for about 1.5 hours:

And from another angle:

I had in my UDS for about 7 hours total.
It took about 1.5 hours to come through the plateu.
Here a picture from my Maverick 732:

This is how the meat looked after 7 hours when I took it off the UDS:

I made some nice slices, and it was soooooo good and tasty.
The bark was also nice and spicy:

Sure not the last time I will do this
But I hope one day I can find a whole brisket packer - would love to try it on my UDS.

Thanks for looking - have a nice sunday.

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