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Sorry for the delay, but I hate to say it, but you're a good distance from any good bbq...unless you go to my house down the road . There's lots of great bbq, but it's closer to the city, which you are not exactly by and with traffic will take you at least an hour, sometimes 2. I'd focus on Chicago Beef from Portillos or a great pizza which is up the road on Lake street at Morettis Pizza in Bartlett or the Chicago deep dish Pizza style from Unos or Giordanos. I took Rub to Morettis while in town and the left overs never even made it on the plane back to Florida.

If your willing to travel closer to Chicago there's great BBQ
  • Smoque
  • Lillie's Q
  • Country BBQ (he's got a veal brisket that is wicked awesome)
  • Chicago Q (Lee Ann Whippen's place, never been though)
  • Pork Shoppe
  • Rub's Backcounty Smokehouse
  • Twin Anchors (haven't been here, but hear great reviews)
  • Uncle Bub's in Westmont, IL
Best of luck while in town
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