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Originally Posted by Chuckwagonbbqco View Post
Ahhhh here we go again. BBQ Pitmasters that are BBQ Pitmasters----all they wanna do is cook meat. They take every slight meticulous step to make sure that the BBQ meat is the finest possible and then throw slop out for side dishes.

If you want to graduate from BBQ Pitmaster to BBQ caterer---then become a caterer. Side dishes are your friend----put as much passion into your side dishes, as you put into the BBQ. "Doctored" beans, potato salad, etc are not made with "Passion."

Folks cook brisket for 12 hours, but say beans take too long to cook. We cook dried beans from scratch for every catering job. The food cost is way lower. People say what about the labor-----the labor is done while meat is in the smoker---so we can do side dish labor or sit in a chair and watch the temp gauge. We get as many great remarks about our side dishes as we do the BBQ meat. It is all cooked with passion.

Be a caterer----not just a meat cooker-----strive to make every dish the finest that it can be. Like someone else said----"Garbage in--Garbage out.
AMEN, preach it brother!!!!!! They ain't never made potato salad like what I can make myself. We don't even have a freezer in our restaurant!!
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