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Default Whole Beef Shoulder Clod on the 18.5" WSM. Question

Sorry, no picts. I put a 22.88 # Beef shoulder clod on the WSM at 11:30 last Sat. morning. Had the DigiQ DXII turned on and ran at 205 all day and night, at 7am I cranked it up to 225. I pulled the shoulder at noon with an internal temp of 156, wrapped in tinfoil and I put it in the oven at 465 till it reached 195 internal. I'm not sure if the roast dried out on the smoker or if it was caused by the high heat in the oven, but the bottom 1/2" or so got dry and hard. The rest of the roasts was fabulous.

I ran the temp. Down at 205 because, I new it was going to be a long cook, and didn't want to have it finishing up at 8am, figured running a little lower temp over night then bringing the temp up in the morning would ensure it didn't finish early. Well, that sure didn't turn out to be a problem.
The roast that didn't dry out was actually perfect. Some parts pulled apart great other sections sliced perfectly like sliced roast beef should.

Thoughts opinions suggestions, please.

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