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Originally Posted by shirknwrk View Post
I have a Big Easy... only use it for whole chicken & duck... put the birds on a stand that holds them vertically. 3 1/2 lb chicken takes 60-80 min. depending on outdoor temp. & wind. Cold wind blows the hot air out of the cooker. Mesh top will help but be careful... It is easy to char the skin if you put the lid on too early.

You will get more even heating if you put something under the basket to raise it 2"... I use a 10" diameter cake pan with a removable bottom. I like to apply a liberal coat of Plowboy's "Yardbird" rub UNDER the chicken skin, perforate the skin with a fork to allow the fat to drain more easily and apply a lighter coat of rub to the outside of the skin. A rub with a high sugar content will burn before the meat is cooked.

Thanks for the tips. I'll try to raise up the next bird I do with it. I still think something is wrong. This thing is not hot enough to burn anything, I can hold my hand in the chamber no problem. It's no hotter than a 325-350 oven and is searing the food the same.
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