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[QUOTE=GMDGeek;290VaulI am looking around for an affordable yet high volume cooker. My current pit, while big enough just doesn't cut it for the cooks I've been asked to do lately.

Turned down a gig where they wanted me to cook around 1000 wings...

Had to do two shifts of cooks on my last cook ... 10 pork shoulders and 16 chickens - just not enough room on my R&O. Plus its a lot of fire tending.

So I am looking for something with a more forgiving fire management and something that can handle larger volumes of food.

I am looking at a Pitmaker Vault but again I'm still reading up on how its fire works and how much it can handle at a time.


The Pitmaker is more expensive than the LSG, but IMO the Vault is really an overbuilt insulated cabinet smoker. It runs on the reverse flow principal, so the top rack runs the hottest. I also like the fact they use a lot of stainless in their pit, like the water pan, smoke stack. I could be wrong, but the plate behind the grates looks like stainless also. At first I didn't like the pit because it ran hot, but after learning it, I use it all the time for my larger cooks. I guess you get what you pay for in this incident.
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