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Originally Posted by georgessmokepit View Post
It really depends on the state. Each state has their own regulations and from what I have found out, it really depends on the inspector you come across. Each inspector is different and enforces different portions of the code. Most states from my understand will still approve recycled tanks. The state that I live in now (MD) will not, and there are a few others as well. But, I'm military and this isn't a permanent residence. I will be moving in the next year or so to get everything started. I was just curious on the set up of the 3 compartment sink. I have a plan for the single compartment sink, but not the other. So you guys just left the bottom open revealing everything?
The main reason we left the bottom exposed, on our NSF sink, was because the HD inspector (when we asked him) asked, "And what is your plan for keeping the floor underneath the enclosure clean?" We took that as a strong indication that he would be "inspecting" that area intensely if it was enclosed. Therefore we left it open.

It is easier to clean under the sink now and our grease trap is also located there and maintenance on it is much easier with the "open" construction. But that was just our experience. The inspector did NOT require any specific means of construction.

I would suggest working very closely with your HD, wherever you are, since they can make your experience very good or bad depending on their interpretations of the code. And yes, unfortunately anywhere you go the inspector is allowed to enforce the codes with their own interpretations.
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