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Originally Posted by Memphis Que View Post
No offense, but there is no way that you aren't losing customers with that long of a wait, especially during lunch when most people only have an hour to travel there, order, get their food, eat, and get back to work.
He's also losing customers just by virtue of being a BBQ restaurant because there are people that just don't like Q. Some people are never gonna be happy, and are only content if they aren't happy. It's a fact of life. Anyone who has done one second of research on the Pig knows about the lines, the waits, and the risk of running out of food. Buyer beware.

I, for one, applaud Jeremy for responding to what appears to be continuous requests for a TV. I'm not in his shoes, so I can't say if I would have bought it or not, but the fact that he can turn to his customers and say, "You ask, you receive," is pretty impressive. Sure as hell beats telling a regular that he can't afford having people hang around all day. If I'm the reg, that sends me a clear cut message: I'm nothing but a dollar sign to this guy. And all the evidence I see on the thread and on his facebook page is that Jeremy prides himself on seeing his customers return, not squeezing every dime from them.

Got my fingers crossed that on May 4, I'll make my first stop to the Pig. Heading up to Kalamazoo for a family friend's First Communion. I'm hoping that time permits a detour on the way back. Pretty sure my wife is letting me stop so I'll shut up about having to go there.

Oh and +1 on the pics of your food on the TV.
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