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Originally Posted by georgessmokepit View Post
I'm building a BBQ catering trailer with a 300 gallon and a 500 gallon propane tank, and attempting to get into the catering business. I know each state regulates their own health code, but as far as the 3 compartment sink goes, what have you guys done? Did you build your own or did you order? If you build your own, how did you enclose the bottom of it to hide pipes and tanks? It has to be NSF certified (by most inspectors) so I'm curious as to what I could do? Any suggestions?
Each State is different and quite often the differences in code varies from county to county. There are also municipality codes to deal with sometimes as well.

As for NSF sinks we were told (KS) that they have to be commercially produced with "filled" corners/seams (i.e. no 90 degree intersections between surfaces. We didn't enclose the bottom. It just makes it harder to clean underneath.

The only advice I can give on the smoker built from tanks is to check with your HD before you start anything. Some HD's will not approve these types anymore.
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