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Originally Posted by revkab View Post
Gosh, what great research! But I wonder...

I really enjoy doing my chicken HnF. Mostly I just set the old Weber up in the usual way - coals on one side, empty on the other. After whatever rub I am in the mood for, I direct grill the chicken over the coals, flipping often enough not to burn, but giving enough time to get the skin nice and crispy. Then I move the chicken over to indirect, add some wood lumps, and finish cooking until done. Lately I have been using a KC style BBQ sauce (Zarda's) cut with a bit of bourbon, and a bit of added honey, basting during the last 15 minutes or so, and basting once again right after I take the chicken off the grill.

This may not be slo-smoked, but the skin is fantastic, the chicken has that great smoky taste, and it is so simple. I just finished a whole chicken I simply split into halves and grilled, and earlier this week I grilled some thighs the same way. Not sure if it would qualify in the competition circles, but who cares? It was some of the best tasting BBQ chicken I've ever done.

(P.S., I'd send some pron, but who gets off on a pic of clean picked chicken bones?
Revkab what i think it is that there are so many people using things like cabinet smokers and such that aren't the best chicken smokers so folks are looking for a way to get decent bite through skin from what they are cooking on.

I don't really know of this stuff to rub on chicken but like you i turn out the tastiest bite through chicken and it couldn't be simpler and just involves charcoal wood and fire. Now i do apply olive oil before my rub but could do with out that also. They could be talking competition stuff but all i care about is taste.
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