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ok! I am now the proud owner of the Lone Star Grillz Vertical Insulated Smoker. Try saying that 10 times really fast...

It was delivered today, and holly crap was it fun! (can you sense the sarcasm)

The crate was twice as large as the smoker, and didnt quite fit on the lift gate of the freight truck. What we did was quite unique and a little suicidal to get the crate onto the lift gate and safely on the ground :) I highly recommend this to be a 4 man job (we were 3 including the freight guy) LMAO

On with the adventure....Rolled (or should I say "pushed like mad" up the driveway) the crate into the garage (had one car out). You will need the space of one vehicle to begin the tear down of the crate. The "packaging" was incredible and the smoker arrived in pristine condition. I truly commend Chris and the Lone Star Grillz team. And, yes, they do go nuts on the nails. Took me and a friend an hour to get it into a position where we could roll it off the crate. That was almost as fun as pushing it over plywood to the backyard (glad the wood held up and didnt split in two). I used little pieces of the 2x4 blocks, from the crate, to make a make-shift ramp to gently roll the smoker off the crate. I am SOOOOO glad I had the wheels upgraded. Anyone planning on buying one should get the 8" wheels or "you aint moving this sucker" anywhere.

The trip to the backyard was just as fun. We re-used the plywood used to build the crate to roll it across the front yard all the way around the back of the house to the back yard patio. The smoker is too heavy to roll freely across the lawn, and the recent rain didn't help. A friendly neighbor saw how much fun we were having and offered to help, you'll need it. The trip to the back yard took a good 20 minutes.

Then came the unwrapping of the gift. I must say, the wrapping is top notch and protected the smoker very well. Unwrapping took another 20 minutes or so before I was able to hug her...LOL...Nuts I know...

Overall, this sucker is built like a tank. The 2" ball valves must weigh 4 pounds each, and bigger than freakin softballs...Awesome build quality and craftsmanship. My compliments to Lone Star Grillz!!!

I cant wait to fire it up this weekend if the weather behaves, but seems like it will rain...Not very happy...(dont have a covered patio, something I regret when I built this house! I wont do that again!)

In any case, this was definitely an experience I will remember, like the time I "dropped" an upright piano out of a truck onto the pavement in Highland Park Dallas LOL....and yes, it smashed to smithereens

I will post pics and such when I season it and cook on it in the weekends to come...stay tuned
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