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Originally Posted by Teleking View Post
Home heating = absolutely : cooking on TBS = not a chance.
I am assuming you were pointing out to me that I missed a joke about home heating.

If however you were saying my brick pit won't run that long between fuelings you would be correct. This is something that I only experience at the end of a cook on my brick pit. I know it sounds a bit far fetched but it's the honest truth. In this pit I burn my wood down to coals in a hearth and only shovel in the coals. First hour or two it needs coals more often but once the bricks heat up it only needs coals once every 45mins to and hour but sometimes near the end of a cook I can do one last fuel to get the temp up to 250 and let the fuel run out. If it is hot enough outside it will coast slowly down to 225 as the bricks start to release their heat. The longest this has lasted after the last fuel is added was about 1:45. The TBS does die out over that time but it doesn't smolder. I guess I should have been more clear that this pit is not run exactly like my offset stick burner is. My bad. I was more stating this as an example of the longest I had ever been able to maintain a temp worthy of cooking at. I am in the same boat as everyone else seems to be with normal fuel intervals.
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