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I have been thinking that a way to make a stickburner work like a minion or gravity feed would be to use an external hopper. Wouldn't be easy to figure out but I think it could be done. My thinking goes like this:

Set up the firebox with a dropdown door/chute on one side. Next to it would be a hopper loaded with splits. A system would be set up that could, on sensing a predetermined temperature drop, open the chute and drop one split down the chute. Connect this door and hopper system to a motor/actuator that is run by an arduino processor This processor would be triggered by it's own sensor or get it's information from a digi-q that would be set up to run air flow. It would have to be set up in such a way that a drop would first be reacted to by the digi-q. If it failed to bring up the temp in a prescribed time frame then the next split would drop. Right now this is just a thought in my head. May one day see if it could actually be done.
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