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I think most everything has been covered by others but just a few notes:

I pulled into Drexel on Friday morning and knew I had the right place when I saw Parrothead and Jorge standing outside. Phil was down at the hardware store looking for turtles and Bigdog was finding the bathroom. Having been to a bash with Dog I wasn't looking forward to going second but I digress...

Yes, we all leaned on each other at the service to get through it but when they played Green Day there were 5 very large sighs from our row. I think we all studied the floor for the length of the song...

The poor man doing the service was either A) not a public speaker; B) very nervous; or C) both. I know KC would have laughed with us at the pronunciation of a few words and lines such as a "fat-ay" (somehow I don't think the French know about fatties - aren't they vegans?), "the bash at parrothouse's head" and the ultimate - "caboowaboo".

Afterward we saluted KC at the local watering hole with a pitcher of something brewed in St Louis with a Eagle on its label and then headed out.

Greg said Phil was in culture shock on the way to Drexel so I didn't mention to him I was stopping on the way home at the Steam Engine Show to switch vehicles with my wife. She had taken our boy to see Granddad run his steam-powered thresher and drive the mule team around during the parade. I think the idea of tractors powered by wood and water would've sent him over the edge.

I parked the truck at the Bass Pro contest and got out just in time to get called a farker by the guys as they arrived. As said above, the Bellys and Team Q were awesome hosts and gave us everything we wanted to eat and drink. The memorial was very moving - John's words and Jay holding the chimney of flaming cherry really brought home the meaning of the Brethren. We're all brothers, no matter where we are, and each of us can always count on someone being available to listen, lean on, or joke with. We had a bash for KC and he was there with us the entire time.

I posted my pictures in with Phil's in the KC Bash gallery. They're a little out of order but I'm sure you'll get over it.
I didn't hijack the thread. I just took it in a completely different direction.

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