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Originally Posted by FC BBQ View Post
I am finding as I get older, I can't eat a lot at one time (I don't get my money's worth at buffets) but I eat all day long.

This for me too. My wife says I don't eat enough at a sitting for my skinny frame but I will be eating throughout the day. I will eat 1 plate at a meal and seldom go back for seconds but within an hour I am hungry again after the food has been put away and kitchen cleaned. I sleep with a bottle of antacids by the bed for occasional reflux. I have always loved hot spicy peppers and when I was a teenager I used to sit in front of the TV and watch football and eat an entire jar of homemade (not store bought) bread and butter pickled jalepenos. I still can these every year but can usually only eat a couple rings a day. I cannot tolerate the heat anymore. Coffee puts me in the bathroom within 30 minutes of a half cup. I travel for work too so I got to plan my route each morning to see if I can have some coffee before I leave home. Walmart has become my best friend for bathroom stops...

My wife on the other hand has a bunch of stomach issues and she says the smoked foods bother her stomach more than some stuff although everything seems to bother her some. My God what i would give to be 18 again..................
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