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Protonix has made my GERD livable. I have had my stricture stretched 3 times now and my gastro says to expect it again in about 3 years... In my case this is hereditary. My gastro doc put me on dexilant last fall... OMG it killed the acid, but made it so that I was keeping the toilet more company than family. I switched back to the Protonix.
I seldom eat bbq or steak away from home. It is not as good as mine and often leads to the discomfort that you are describing. Fast food is limited when traveling. We can all get a good meal at chick fillet without worrying about any issues. I find that I can eat hot and spicy foods for lunch. I try to eat early in the evenings so that I am not laying down with an over filled stomach. I have limited my coffee intake to 2 cups a day max...
Hope that you get a solution that makes things better!
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