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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I think I finally resemble a human today, after getting a full night of sleep.

Thursday afternoon I left San Antonio where I had to take my Mom to one of her Docs. Unlike Phil I would not have gotten a warning ticket, since it took about 3 hrs. to drive 280 miles to make my 8:30 flight. I think KC was giving me some help since I seemed to slow down or change lanes at just the right times

I make it to Kansas City, and I'm somewhat screwed. I go to pick up the rental and all they have left vans No offense to anyone that drives one....I just knew what I'd be in for. I take the scenic route down to Olathe, because it was virtually impossible to get lost going that way. I made it all the way to the motel, and took a turn where I thought there should be an entrance to the parking was an access road back onto I-35 I finally pull into the parking lot and right up by the lobby are a bunch of farkers sucking down Corona. I have got to be in the right place! Meeting Doorbuster and Bigdog for the first time made the abuse worthwhile. After one beer and being called a soccer mom a couple dozen times I called it a day.

The service for KC was great. I knew how important this group was to him, but seeing how important others knew it was to him was amazing. There were a few tough moments. It was good to get to know KC a little bit better. During the visitation we looked at a photo album of is work with cabinets. Absolute perfection and attention to detail, as expected!

For you LawnGuyLanders...when you are in the midwest, and a car with flashing lights is behind you, you are supposed to pull over on the side of the road and stop. If the officer pulls over and stops behind you, then you should roll your window down and turn off the engine You should not keep asking the passengers in your vehicle if you are being pulled over

The ultimate roadtrip. We stop at Costco because Phil, being Phil WILL DO A PRIME RIB in Columbia. First stop is to visit Jeff and Wayne in Blue Springs. It was a pleasure to meet them as well. I have no doubt those guys have a good time cooking next to each other. Jeff had some Shiner in the cooler and saved my life with his hospitality. I owe you Jeff! Doorbusters was there and I have now come to this conclusion. The next time I'm around him I need a double shot of espresso to keep up The man has a motor that runs at very high RPMs Wayne had THE margarita machine that started the craze here, and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting a picture of him with it. We strolled over to say hello to Rod Gray (kcpellethead) and he was as nice and friendly as always. It was great to see all of them, and I wish we'd had a little more time to spend.

On the road to Columbia.... Ever seen a grown man go crazy in a Stuckey's? Nuff said.

I don't know what to say about my experience in Columbia. We pulled in and there was a parking space right there between a couple of the Belly Bros. JT had just pulled in after leaving the service and heading home to do what he needed to do. It seemed to me like we were always running late, but we must have had some help with that timing. Belly Bros, and Team Q! I can't thank them enough for the hospitality and generosity. I'd never met one of them before, and it was better than a family reunion even under the circumstances. What can I say about the Belly Bros? They fed a small army for dinner and then turned around and did a comp and walked. Before leaving I asked Kick if there would be some of Sweet T's famous hash brown casserole and he promised that there would be. I'm holding both of them responsible for the coming weight gain now that they told me the recipe is on the site and I got some pointers from the master herself. The food was first class and the fellowship was better.

Team Q! A great bunch of guys. Just as the Belly Bros rolled out the welcome mat Team Q went out of their way to make everyone comfortable! I can't tell you how many times I heard Jay say "Whatever you need!". Fredbird prepped a kettle for Phil's prime rib, AND handled the half of Jay's cooker that he had turned over to Phil! Steve was the same way, making sure everyone had everything they needed or wanted and a pleasure to meet. Keep in mind this is at a comp, and Team Q nabbed GC Bags is a piece of work. It took me an hour or so to figure the guy out I don't think you could get a rise out of him with a cattle prod When he talks, it's worth listening to.

I submitted my post before adding something very important. Before the moment of silence in Columbia there was some conversation about what should be said. It was tough to come up with the right words. John stepped up to the plate, ended the struggle to come up with those words. Afterwards I told him that nobody could have done a better job. Looking back at it today he was the perfect person for the job. KC did his first competition with the Belly Bros, and it was home for them. Jay....the man stood there with a burning chimney of Cherry wood, and the symbolism closed the deal. I can't thank you both for the special memory that you gave all of us.

As much as KC loved to cook, it was people that he cared about the most. I made the trip to pay my respects to a good friend. I came home having spent time with new friends. I think he would approve.
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