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Hi All , I just wanted to chime in, Huntspoint Meat Company is not a brisket brand at this point, we offer hand selected wagyu beef briskets as well as BBQ Competition grade Ribs and Pork Butts. We also sell the best steaks in the world. Our customers include some of the Top BBQ Competition teams in the country.

We carry various Brands of Brisket, including Snake River Farms and Imperial Wagyu, as well as Australian Wagyu Briskets

Its not about the brand, its about the quality of the brisket.

I have spoken to may BBQ competition customers who would buy certain brands and they get a brisket with the flat as thin as a paddle. It is about quality hand selected wagyu beef brisket that has specific traits that help the pitmaster become a winner.

For the last three weeks teams using our BBQ meats have been coming up winners.

1 - Reserve Grand Champion and 1st in brisket

2. NYS Brisket and Rib champion, reserve Grand Champion, 1st, 2nd and 4th in Brisket, 1st and third in Ribs.

3. GA Brisket Champion, 3rd place in ribs
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