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Originally Posted by darkoozy View Post
I ordered a 25cfm yesterday in anticipation of needing more air. I already have a 10cfm that I use for my wsm. I am pretty sure the size of this sucker calls for more air movement to keep the fuel going efficiently. I even contemplated getting 2 fans, as the guru will let you double up with a fan splitter.

My smoker should be delivered tomorrow, and have to wait till next weekend to play with it. Hope it doesn't rain...
I would stick with just the single 25 cfm fan yes it requires more air movement to get it the fire going and pit heated up but once up to temp it needs almost nothing to maintain it. Two fans would stoke it faster but the problem is then you have twice the size fire you need once up to temp, you will over shoot and once you choke everything back your going to be left with a smoldering fire and billowing white smoke for a good amount of time. I did a brisket cook for Easter Sunday and aproched my water pan the same way as above, only adding about half the water then the rest once up to temp. I started at 60 ish and was at 215 (my target temp with 3.5 gallons of water) in 40 minutes running only the 25 cfm fan (I have never removed the extra air cap while running the guru). When I did add the extra water my pit had been at temp for about an hour and my food was on about as long. The extra 3.5 or so gallons of tap water didn't move the temp more than 2 or 3 degrees. At 215 degrees I didnt need to add water the entire 16 hours my food was on the pit. I think if your pressed for time heat the pit up first and add water a little at a time, if not add it all in the beginning it will just take a little longer to reach temp. My crating guy does go a little over board with the nails and I do get that a lot but if you saw how some shipping companies handle freight you would understand why I don't rain him in.
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