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Default First Cook

Smoked some loin backs yesterday and everything went well. I love this cooker.

After reading about temp problems I decided to approach it a little differently. I started with 4 gallons of cold water in the water pan. The ambient temp was 47 degrees. After dumping a full chimney of lighted briquettes in the firebox, I added a small log on top of the lighted coals. I think it helped the cooker come up to temp faster.

Log Boost.jpg

After adding the lighted briquettes, it took one hour for the cooker to come up to 225 degrees, which is where I like to cook. This was with both air intakes open. I added the ribs and the cooker came back up to 225 with both vents open very nicely.

I then tried switching over to the BBQ Guru with a 10 CFM fan, but the Guru could not hold temp unless I opened the other air intake. After the food warmed up I could close the other air vent and the Guru took over nicely. I think Chris is right - a 25 CFM fan would work better.

Other than that, everything was great and the ribs were perfect.
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