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I can still eat most anything but I can't eat nearly as much quantity as I used to, and some foods will keep me up st night. Nexium is a huge help.

FWIW you might be sensitive to something in particular and not know it. Years ago my wife got sick every time we went out to eat. Doctors said it was just nerves but we knew it wasn't that. She suspected all sorts of things and tried eliminating them, but for a while it made no difference. Eventually she figured out it was milk and she was lactose intolerant. This was a while back before everybody knew about it.

My point is that you might have some trigger food that bothers you, and it might not be obvious which food it is.

Also, ingredients make a huge difference. After my wife figured out the lactose thing, she would still get sick if she ate a hot dog. Then we noticed on the labels that most hot dogs include lactose as an ingredient. WTF??? So she takes the pills any time she has a hot dog, and now she can eat them.
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