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Going to Scott's funeral was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. The only thing that made it bearable was that I was there with four other of my brothers, Phil, Greg, Jorge and jt. We were not there for our selves, rather there to represent all of us. The spirt of the Brethren was strong that day, evidenced by the feeling in that room, the "no ticket" on the way back, and the great showing by all the teams cooking this weekend. This was a great weekend for the Brethren.

Right after the service, we went to the local bar and toasted one for our fallen brother. This was why Phil was so nervous when he got pulled over. He was no drunk by any means and not in danger of being arresed, but Barney Fife noticed it and commented to Phil that "he seemed nervous." Phil's reply later was that the cop was standing there "with a glock." That would make anyone nervous.

Meeting all the brothers and partying at the comps was a blast. I got to meet many new brothers and renew old friendships with those that I had met previously. I told several people that this is the only good thing about a funeral.

It was also nice to pay my respects to Jeanne and Zach. Hopefully Zach will continue his grandpa's love of cooking and join the Brethren some day. We are all out of hats, only 50 were made, but Phil gave him his along with a t-shirt. You are now a Brethern Zach.

At the funeral, Jeanne's sister had made up a collage of pictures that Scott had taken at the last midwest bash. It was awesome. She had the pictures of Greg's gnomes with turtles surrounding the perimeter. She understands.

So all of you that wanted to go to the funeral but couldn't, don't fret. You were well represented. We were there for all of you.

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